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Anti-virus software does not detect infections whenever it is not running. Yes, it's apparent, but it's not always clear how frequently your team disables your anti-virus applications so they can have some fun. Maybe you can download and install a game, a free program, or get past the filter to a dubious website. It happens in businesses all around the country, and it happens more frequently than you may imagine. It's human nature to recognize a problem and work around it. Their machine will certainly not get infected; those things only happen to other people.

Employees Are Your Biggest Weakness

Unfortunately, your employees are the most dangerous threat to your data and network security. Fantastic, devoted, hardworking individuals who occasionally make stupid choices. Even the seemingly innocuous ones, such as disregarding the virus software update that keeps popping up, urging that the newest defenses be downloaded. Your employees are not purposefully putting your systems in danger. Still, they create a weak link that exposes your company to cyberattacks that might cost you thousands of dollars.

Free versus Licensed

That is the primary distinction between free and managed anti-virus software. Free solutions were developed for usage at home, where self-inflicted breaches aren't as severe. The licensing for free solutions is generally intended for personal use. This is because, in a corporate context, even the slightest opening in your digital walls may result in lost income, delays, and even litigation. Your personnel cannot accomplish these things with a managed anti-virus solution. They literally cannot stop or remove the safeguards, and updates occur automatically.

Go with an MSP

Thanks to 24/7/365 monitoring, an MSP can see when computers aren't entirely protected or have already gotten infected. Managed anti-virus simply means that an MSP manages it for you so that they are aware of any issues and can take appropriate action. In addition, they can often operate silently to your staff, remotely resolving minor issues before they become major issues, leaving your employees feeling trusted while your organization remains protected.

Operating at a Higher Level

Managed anti-virus protects your company on a far higher level since, let's face it, the stakes are much higher. It removes software control from the hands of end-users and places system security in the hands of a professional. The application cannot be disabled or removed without a password, nor can it be uninstalled by anybody with the highest rights. When updates are issued, they are automatically downloaded and installed. There will be no delays, no postponements, and no holes in your digital walls.

When to switch

This is the point at which it becomes difficult to monitor each machine individually without the assistance of a full-time IT specialist on your team. In addition, users may be dispersed around the network, and you're far too busy to keep an eye on them as they work.


All of the financial stress and drama of defending your company network against the next assault just disappears for a minimal monthly price per machine. All of this is handled centrally by an MSP, allowing you to focus on what you do best: operating a thriving business.

No matter if you decide on managed or unmanaged. Make sure you have good IT policy and IT processes to guide your organization in its work and decisions when it comes to its IT Security Management.


Joe "Rhino" Brochin is launching ITSM RHINO in the coming months, it is the pull-no-punches, casual-but-effective resource for renegade IT Pros who want to manage risk and add value through ITSM processes & IT Policy.

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This is quite educating and simplified enough for a layman like myself. If I ever own a firm, you will be my number 1 go-to cyber security guy.


Thanks! I’m humbled.

Honestly my expertise is not cybersecurity in a deep technical sense. But it is the IT policies and IT processes behind cyber/IT “stuff”. It is also brokering for clients to find the right MSP for their unique business needs.

Pretty good at putting the right people together.

Was talking to my son the other day about your comment on food waste. He agreed and gave some examples from his experience working in grocery stores. Made for a good conversation.

IT policies, cyber security. I am not knowledgeable enough to make a distinction. Thanks for the correction.

Happy that someone confirmed the food wastage report in reality. As poor as people are around here, they still waste food. Just to let you know that wasting food is not just an advanced country thing.

BTW, I have not been seeing your son on the chain. Study taking all his time, I guess?

Interesting. That makes me think I should put together a few post explaining the purpose of policies and processes and their relationship to IT and Cybersecurity.

Yes my youngest is busy with school and games. It was my oldest son I had the discussion with. I’d like to get him on the blockchain too.

Magnífico post amigo

Thank you!

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