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My dive into video content continues. This was was a little one I played around with as a promotional for my upcoming launch of ITSM Rhino in the next few weeks.

I worked up the script, did about 1 million takes of stuttering, stammering voiceovers and finally recorded one that was halfway presentable. I then fooled around with some video stuff and finally realized I just didn’t have the right software or chops for it.

This one required some help, so I hired a fella on Fiverr. I gave him the written script, my voiceover, logo, and some parameters. After going through several revisions this was the result.

I felt like a shitty movie director telling him to “move this character here”, “move that person there”, “remove that image completely”, “Add this”, “add that”.

No doubt he was glad I finally accepted it, and frankly I just wanted to be done with it.

Now I am a lot more familiar with what is required to go into this type of video content and how to deliver requirements and expectations these guys can understand and use.

Not sure where or how I will use this video, or even if I will use it yet. But it was fun and a good learning experience.

Earlier I mentioned Fiverr; do we have something like it on the Hive blockchain yet? I thought I saw something months ago about a “freelance marketplace” of sorts that was supposed to be a place to hire freelancers on Hive.

Back to working on my newest Whiteboard animation video, and I am getting better at those.

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This looks great to me. The voice-over fits in quite well. Felt like I was watching some wall street advert on CNN.

And yes, there have been a few Dapp proposals about a decentralized freelance market on hive. I think BroadHive is the latest I saw. Their last update was 2 months ago, but the way.

Appreciate it. I think it could have been better.

Looks like BroadHive is mostly centered around writing, but it's a start.

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Well, hopefully, we will get there. Not sure at this rate.