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Around fifteen years ago, having smart technology in our homes meant we might have a computer and possibly a smartphone. Fast forward, and now we have speakers that talk to us, lights that await our arrival home, doorbells with video cameras, and tablets, phones, computers, video game consoles, earphones, and much more. It is all cool, but it is also seemingly complicated sometimes.

Now that it is almost 2021, many of us have some combination of the technology previously mentioned in our homes. We have whole office setups, wireless routers, wireless printers, projector systems for home movie nights since most of us can=t go to theaters. All of this means more users are trying to get online and stay online at once.

Add to that, almost every room in our homes has now gone digital. Our lights now connect to our smartphones, waterproof Bluetooth speakers add to our shower singing performances, and refrigerators track what we use and update the shopping list.

However, all this smart tech is not cheap. So, when you invest in a smart home, ensure it is appropriately configured. When these new devices are not connected, you miss out on opportunities to add convenience while inside and outside your home.

Setting Up That Smart Home

Amassing all this digital tech within your home is one thing, but using it efficiently is another thing. The first thing that you should do is ensure you are connecting this new technology correctly. Automating your home is more complicated than the marketers of these tech wares would have you believe.

In a Clutch survey study about the Internet of Things (IoT) reach, it found only 43% of people use or see smart home devices daily. This means that people pay a premium for the smart thermostats or IoT door lock but not using or relying on the product. Frequently this is because they do not know how to utilize all the capabilities of the tech.

It is easy to set up and connect devices to your home with just the push of a button. However, connecting those devices in harmony requires more work.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are relied upon to connect by most smart home devices. Many of these will have an app that can be installed on your smartphone or computer. These smart devices will need a power source and be within the range of the wireless Internet router.

The first stumbling block can be connecting to the Internet. Competing signals, distance, and thick walls can be a challenge for connecting a device. Therefore, the placement of the device and the router are essential considerations.

Then there is the software that must be set up. Every device will have settings that maximize the smart TV, speakers, or thermostat for your specific home requirements. It can be a regular headache!

Also, every device connected could degrade the other devices' connection quality and speed on your network. It is like playing Jenga sometimes. But, in this case, it is adding the next piece that can make the network fall.

Assistance with your Smart Home Setup

You probably know that computer businesses can help with computer tech, but some can also help you configure your smart home. Look for the ones who can install the software and integrate all your devices on the network so that you get the very best out of all that tech. They should configure your router to prioritize specific devices and set up parental controls on the devices that need it. Plus, they should be able to ensure all devices are secure.

Cameras, doorbells, speakers, locks, lights, and sprinkler systems; these days, you can find almost anything for your home sold as a smart device. It does not require a genius to get them up and working in your home—just a little know-how.



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