Is Cannabis(weed) worth taking for its medicinal purposes?

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Greetings guys,

I hope you’ve a wonderful and great weekend. I welcome you guys to my blog, apparently it seems to be my first post in this community. (I’m kinda wondering why I haven’t blogged here, the target niche of this community is what interests me a lot.). I’m very confident this wouldn’t be my last.

Today I want to talk about something most of us have been asking ourselves or have probably talked about. If you haven’t heard then buckle up you might learn something in today.


Today i will be talking about Cannabis or what we popularize as ‘weed’. If it’s really worth taking for it’s medicinal purposes. This drug or substance originally comes from plants called Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica and Cannabis ruderalis hence the shortened name Cannabis. This plant is mainly made up of ingredients such asTetrahydrocannabinol(THC),cannabinol, tetrahydrocanna and cannabidiol

Now that we’ve learnt something small about the plant, let’s go now take a take a look at its medicinal purposes. Cannabis (weed) is prescribed to some HIV/ADIS patients by doctors to help improve on their appetite.(this is a common side effect most AIDS patients go through, they lose their appetite).


Another use of Cannabis is, its sometimes prescribed as a pain killer. In situations were the patient is suffering from severe pain it can be muscle spasms, pain from accidents and so on. It helps reduce the pain significantly.


Cannabis also has potential therapeutic benefits, like the presence of the THC chemical which unlocks certain nerves in the brain that relives the patients who suffer from depression. Thou the use of Cannabis as a legal drug isn’t legally approved in most countries, some counties like Canada, Belgium and Australia have legally approved for its usage.


Now let’s weigh it’s positives to the negatives only then would we be able to tell if it’s worth taking the risk or not. The first thing I can think of is it’s Addictiveness most people might think addictiveness is not a big deal but trust me it is, I can boldly say it leads to all the side effects.


Mental health issues, is one of the disciples of Cannabis, excessive intake of THC chemical alters your brain nerves and in doing so constantly, you might loose your mind and you wouldn’t be able to think properly which will eventually make you go mad.


Reproductive health problems are also some side effects one can face if you keep taking the drug. You might experience premature birth, chemicals can be passed to the infant baby from the mother through breast feeding, still birth among others.

Cannabis affects one’s daily life, the daily high gotten as a result of smoking cannabis doesn’t allow its users to think well as a result always seem like they are sleep waking. Research has also shown that they do not or sometimes don’t react to sounds and signs.

I can go on and on about the negative effects of taking this drug. This brings me to the major question, is it worth taking? I would love to read about your thoughts on the matter. Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section and I will get back to you. Thank you

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I had no idea about the therapeutic use of cannabis. This definitely explains why many youngsters crave the feeling of smoking it.