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RE: Does the Thalassemia Trait Protect Against SARS-COVID-19?

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Your research is so amazing, @agmoore. I confess that it took me three sittings to complete my reading of the article, but it was fascinating and I learned so much. Genetics are so interesting. When you think about it, everyone should have some genetic testing prior to having children to ensure the couple is a good genetic match! But I know that for many people that is too much science getting in the way of the natural order!

Great work on this. It's very well researched and well-written.

the associations between thalassemia trait, and COVID-19/hemoglobin binding is highly suggestive of a promising line of inquiry. Will it lead to better understanding the virus? Will it lead to a cure, or preventative intervention? Let's hope so.

Yes, let's hope so!


Thank you my friend, for the three sittings and the kind words. Virtual or not, you are a friend.