Molecular Transformation Near Absolute Zero Temperatures Solved

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Molecular Transformation Near Absolute Zero Temperatures Solved

Researcher Kang-Kuen Ni, the Morris Kahn associate professor of chemistry and chemical biology and physics at Harvard University, has managed to observe chemical reactions involving two potassium-rubidium molecules cooled to just 500 nanokelvin above absolute zero. Ni and her team use ultra-fast lasers to make observations of intermediate states of the reactions. The windows of observations last in the range of femtoseconds. In essence, they were able to shed light on the process of how potassium-rubidium molecules transform themselves into new types of molecules.

This work will help scientist in formulating better predictive theories of chemical reactions and chemical compounds.

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This was great to hear. It's a pleasure to see science marching forward even in these tough times with fear mongering and SJW stuff in sciences that even went ahead to claim math is racist on national TV.

Yes, I know what you mean. Wonderfully good science. No virtue signaling, no oppression Olympics, just men and women doing some really cool and interesting work.🔬😎