Coffee Table Physics - Spin and Qunatum Engineering In A Nutshell

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Spin and Quantum Engineering In A Nutshell

I just watched what I found to be a massively interesting conversation with Andrea Morello, Professor of Quantum Nanosystems at the School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications, at UNSW, Australia. The video, hosted by Dave Jones, sets the tone of a casual conversation about the science and engineering involved in investigating qubits, quantum spin and a number of other realted topics. He goes somewhat into detail on the current state of the science, a numbers of challenges that are being addressed and how the field of research and practical application of recent discoveries could evolve in the next 20 years.

Many will find the topics very approacheable and easily digestable as Professor Morello gets to the heart of the matter without being overly technical and explains with an easy going style. The result, at least for me, is an educational and enjoyable conversation revolving around the world of quantum computing and applied scientific engineering. Hope you enjoy this conversation as well.

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