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RE: The Psychology of Guilt

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I went to an all-girls’ Catholic school until I was thirteen, I was selected for novice training; I almost became a nun. As for your father, I’m sorry to say that I hope he had an unhealthy dose of both shame and guilt (your poor family). In this world of predators, sometimes we’re lucky and we escape unscathed, but for many the pain caused by others, especially family, can be a debilitating disease that infects of hearts with malice. I’m so glad that you had the sense to give up on him. Kudos 🤗💕❤️💕🤗🤗💕❤️❤️🥰🥰🙃🪔❤️💕🤗🥰🥰🙃❤️💕🤗🥰


Hello @itsostylish,

One of my cousins was a novitiate and then a nun for many years. She eventually left and got married. That religion bug gets us early, doesn't it?

As for my father: He was full of anger and hate. What he did, the way he lived, seemed to eat him up more than anyone else. In the same letter he actually said:

"The genes inherited by you through me is the only possible explanation for any intellectual attainment" I had achieved (he was referring to scholarships I won).

I can't imagine what was going on in his head, what it must have been like to be him. Fortunately, I had a devoted mother. My uncles, cousins and aunts were kind, loving and generous. So, in a way, I won the luck lottery. Imagine this: I inherited his genes and still ended up happy 😆

Thanks so much for reading my blog. I couldn't resist the prompt, knowing I had a very peculiar letter as a legacy from my father.