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RE: Is Your Personality a Condition?

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Of course the entire premise relies on defining “normal”. Anyone who can do that can then categorise the deviant. Find me a definition of “normal” and I’ll believe in psychiatry. Please read @nickydee , @agmoore 🤗💕


If you're looking for 'normal', don't look here :))

I don't even use the word deviant. There is such an infinite variety of human potential. Who can quantify it.

I do have standards: Are you hurting people? If you are, then you need an intervention. Also, are you miserable? If so, you might want to seek advice, but be careful: those who try to help you may not know any more than you do.

Thanks for reading and commenting @itsostylish. Always an interesting perspective.

"psychiatry" - the biggest con in medical history. Outrageous.

Homosexuality was considered a mental disorder and only removed from the DSM in 1973. Sorry not removed entirely. Renamed to sexual identity whatever and then to something else when they realised how bigoted it was - as society became more accepting of this.

Don't even get me started.

Who in the zoo gets to say who is "normal"? Oh - the folks that want to make shitloads of cash selling people unnecessary pharmaceuticals. That's who 👍

And teenagers are, literally, killing themselves because of the ongoing shaming, stigma and ostracization for not fitting into "society's" little boxes. Totally normal feelings and thoughts are being pathologized and medicated now.

It's enough already.

The number of "disorders" nearly tripled in ONE update of this so called "Bible of psychiatry and psychology". How is this even possible? Think about it!

If people can't actually understand what is happening here because "dr knows best" then it's just plain sad at this point.