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RE: Live Objects in iOS 16 will change how graphic designers work forever

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Haha the end of the video was epic man, I didn't expect that. I've been using iPhone 6 for 5 years and it's time to change it. I watched iOS 16 video for the first time and the live object thing attracted me. So as you said, this is a great innovation for thumbnails or video edits. It will speed up our work a lot. I'm very happy about that and I hope I can get a new iPhone, at least an XS like yours. Thanks for letting me know what's new.


I think you are talking about when I activated X-Ray Vision.

Once you get a new iPhone, you will be amazed at how much faster everything is. Plus the camera and screen upgrades are great. The added benefit of being able to be submerged in water is huge too.

You are going to benefit a lot from Live Objects. I know that you will start enjoying creating cool thumbnails even more.