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RE: Live Objects in iOS 16 will change how graphic designers work forever

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Wow, I didn't hear about any of these other features. I did hear about the continuity, and that was insane. I tried to wrap my brain around how that is possible but I ended with "wow. Apple do a cool". I do know how it works now but it still kind of blows my mind a wide-lens can produce enough information to do that.

Soo with that being said, when will continuity/phone camera work for Windows systems as a webcam?? IDC I'll plug it in with a lightning cable, better than any webcam I've used so far.


The continuity camera is pretty amazing. Just the fact that you can have an upgraded camera + center stage to track you and adjust the lighting perfectly. Then that desk view really is something. I'm amazed.

I'm not sure about this feature working on Windows. The only information I could find was It looks like there is an app called Camo that lets you do something similar, but I'm not sure about desk view.

I have a feeling Apple's official feature will be on Macs only, kind of like Airdrop.