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RE: Neutrino masses at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider - from theory to data

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I hope your fatigue clears up soon!
Make sure you engage in exercise and a healthy diet.
I wish you the best.


Thanks for passing by and for your nice words. I hope to get well soon too :)

Make sure you engage in exercise and a healthy diet.

I am trying to get exercised, but this is tough with the fatigue (my diet has always been fine). It is a bit like the cat that tries to catch its tail (too tired to exercise during a long period, and exercising for a short period exhausts me a lot). However, I definitely do that. That's the only way out!


My favorite exercise is this skiing-bike machine, an elliptical, they're called. They let you use your arms and legs to perform a really steady and gentle motion, which makes it easy to burn some calories.

The ability to use both your arms or legs, or both at the same time, gives you plenty of mid-exercise recovery options, to keep you going a bit longer than more harsh exercises can.

Mine is... mowing the lawn! I know, I am kind of old-school with this respect. But I really enjoy this, being outside, getting my weekly dose of D-vitamins, etc. In addition, this is a quite useful activity for the house.

I was in fac about to consider biking a bit during the week-end, but the temperature is planned to reach 40 Celsius... France is hit by a heat wave at the moment, and I therefore probably won't bike...

Do you eat enough? If you're not counting calories, you could easily, accidentally, start eating less for whatever reason, and that alone might cause fatigue. Add exercise, and now you need even more calories! (depending on whether your weight was okay to begin with).

I had a lost of appetite during the week I was COVID-positive. I guess my current state is originating from many sources: COVID recovery, heat wave, being a bit weaker than usual, etc. I guess I will slowly and slowly get back on tracks.

Cheers and thanks for asking! :-)