A city 3600 years ago that has perished

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The city of Tall El-Hammam is located in the southern high ground of the Jordan valley. It was the largest city in the bronze age, archaeologists say that this city is much larger than Jerusalem even up to 10 times and now the city has become a historical site, it is estimated that this city has perished several thousand years ago.

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The discovery of bronze age pottery in 1975-1976 made experts more curious about the city of Tall el-Hammam until finally research and excavation continued and finally a big question arose from this research. Why did this city perish?

Tall El Hammam
The city of Tall El-Hammam was an achievement of the highest human civilization at that time, the technological discoveries that were fairly modern in its time were evidence that the city community was civilized enough and there was nothing strange about the city in fact, except for its destruction and proof that is it true that Tall el-Hammam is the Sodom referred to in the old testament.

Findings of the experts
A fact has just been revealed by experts, unusual things were found buried in the city of Tall el-Hammam, the remains of incomplete pottery and building materials that they somehow found "melted". Experts believe something has happened in this city, the melting of materials must be due to heating too high, not like the heat of the bonfire we know but something much hotter than anything we know.

We saw evidence for temperatures greater than 2,000 degrees Celsius” said Kennett (a researcher for the City of Tall el-Hammam)[forbes]

As a reminder, wrought iron will melt when heated at a temperature of 1375 degrees Celsius [wikipedia]

This discovery actually made the researchers more curious and research continued to find out what can produce heat more than 2000 degrees Celsius?

Proof that there has been a large cosmic explosion near the city that could destroy the city, the event is almost similar to what happened in 1908 which we know as Tunguska.

What is the proof?
Kennett says

We have shocked quartz from this layer, and that means there were incredible pressures involved to shock the quartz crystals—quartz is one of the hardest minerals; it's very hard to shock.[forbes]

Another finding was in the sediment layer, found a very high concentration of salt, the salt concentration was not from the city of Tall el-Hammam but from the distribution of the Dead Sea which was hit by a large object, water overflowed into the city.

The high salt content made the soil in the city of Tall el-Hammam lose its fertility and forced the townspeople to leave the city of Tall el-Hammam, because of course, no plants could grow in the soil with high salt content.

Expert debate
Until now, experts still have not found a fact and agreement that the city of Tall el-Hammam is the city of Sodom written in the old testament, it is stated that the city of Sodom was destroyed by God because the inhabitants of Sodom deviated from the teachings of God.

but there's no scientific proof that this destroyed city is indeed the Sodom of the Old Testament (Kennett)[forbes]

The city of Tall el-Hammam is a historical relic that is slowly being uncovered by experts, many of whom are enthusiastic about linking it with events from the Bible, it's just that experts have not been able to draw a conclusion that the city of Tall el-Hammam is a city of Sodom because experts have not complete evidence was found.

The city of Tall el-Hammam was the largest city 3600 years ago, the discovery of pottery and building materials makes us realize that the city's residents already have civilization, the discovery of experts makes us know that the city perished due to a cosmic explosion, it is possible that the city's residents did not all perish it's just that the impact of the explosion forced them to leave the city and finally Tall el-Hammam became a dead city and was destroyed in the truest sense.

Archaeologists are still researching and looking for new facts about the perished Tall el-Hammam, a new fact that could undermine the former theory.

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