Top 8 old technological inventions

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Have you ever imagined what the first-ever technological innovation was? So we get to see novel technologies being birthed around us to fit into different industrial sectors that we often forget how interesting it would be to do a little throwback on some of the most fascinating technologies that were ever invented or discovered by the greatest scientists that the world witnessed centuries ago, and is still in use to date.

The list below contains eight of some of the oldest and most interesting technological discoveries that will forever go down in the world's history book and which have helped transformed humanity in general.

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Light Bulbs

Over a century ago, inventors started exploring the prospects of how differently energy will be used. While we can not credit this great invention to one inventor, we can note notable inventors who contributed to the idea behind electric bulbs. In 1802, Humphry Davy invented the first electric light. After experimenting with electricity to design an electric battery, he was able to power a piece of carbon that glowed, producing the first-ever electronic light. Further research relating to this particular discovery led to what we currently have today as light bulbs.


Just a few days ago, I changed one of the wheels of my car because it developed a dent and makes the tire lose air at a rather unsustainable pace. When ancient investors thought of inventing wheels, they had one thing in mind – pottery. About some donkey years back, wheels were invented to make pottery a lot easier. As the years rolled by with more advancements in inventions, wheels were fixed on chariots for easier movements, and presently we can see wheels everywhere– in cars, wheelchairs, and even travel boxes. It shows that wheels are ever-present in our lives.


It is quite easy to argue that nails are not technological inventions. However, they are some of the simplest and most useful tools ever invented. Well, we know that these metal fasteners are now being used for both household and industrial purposes, we might not know that they date back to Ancient Egypt, over two thousand years ago. In the world of civilization today, nails are playing a huge role and construction will always need these fasteners. Hence, one would need to think twice before removing nails as one of the most important inventions to assist man. Not every hero wears capes.

The Printing Press

Previously, before the invention of the printing press, books, and the publications of writings were hand-written often by monks as well as scholars and tutors until the year 1439 when the printing press was invented by the German Johannes Gutenberg. This is one of the oldest technological inventions that laid a well-defined path for the modern age. It improved and revolutionized how knowledge was spread in ancient times. The ink was transferred from mobile printers to paper mechanically. Today, we have gotten to a point that not just papers and objects can be printed on, but objects themselves can be printed - no thanks to 3D printers.


Telephones completely changed the way we communicate. It is one of the awesome technologies that have been around for long decades. In 1876, Scottish-born inventor Alexander Graham Bell brought about the first electric telephone. To date, the impact of this amazing technological design has impacted our lives and is constantly improving the world of communication and as technology advances with more inventions from novel engineers in space, communication has taken a whole new turn.


The story of how airplanes came to join mankind is quite an interesting one. No one had thought or deemed it possible for the sky to hold a floating metal until the Wright brothers made it a reality. In 1903, two American brothers, Wilbur Wright and Orville Wright thought of a plane to make an actual piece of metal fly on air – something that appeared unrealistic at that time. But the reverse is the case today. The idea of this technology has birthed millions of aircraft flown in several parts of the globe. This same idea metamorphosed into space crafts. Traveling threat distances across states via air is a result of the Wright brothers' innovative idea.


Paper is widely used in every part of the world and we owe the credit of this indispensable invention to a Chinese court official, Ts'ai Lun. He mixed the bark of the mulberry tree with hemp and worn-out clothes in water and mashed them into a pulp. After which he drains out the liquid, leaving the thin mat to dry in the sun. The mat is then cut into smaller sizes and used for writing. The history of paper dates back to 2000 years. Before paper was invented, people in those ancient times sent messages and communicated to those miles away with pictures and symbols carved on stone and bones. Sometimes, messages are left in the form of designs on cave walls or tablets made from clay. Today, we all just use papers as if they have always been existing along with mankind.

By Smartway777 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


Indeed, cameras are now commonplace in the modern world. Our mobile phones, laptops, and cars now have cameras. Cameras are now pocket-sized and with one click, you have a picture. But before now have you imagined how cameras came to be or who invented the first camera and how? We owe the credit to Johann Zahn. He invented the first camera in 1685. But the first photograph clicked was done by Joseph Nicephore Niepce in 1814. In 1829, Louis Daguerre invented the first practical photography which took over a decade to create the method that was named after him – Daguerreotype. The cameras we have now are the result of improved technology.

Final Words

Of course, technological inventions are probably too numerous to be included in this article. I can go on and on but just decided to write on these underrated eight. What do you think?



Cameras and light bulbs appear to me to have had significant developments in my life. I amazed at the capabilities cameras have nowadays compared to my youth. They were tools of the advanced when I was younger. Now, they're a dime a dozen with capabilities I could only dream of when I was a kid.

It's really crazy to imagine what things use to be like in terms of all these techs. Even crazier to think of what things would be like in the nearest future.

I agree. It seems like the only thing limiting us is our imagination. Oh, and deep pockets.

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Hello @hadji as express there are inventions that make history. The eight you’re referring to show how powerful they were, and what their legacy continues to do. Successes

Yes indeed. There are many more, I just decided to limit it to the mentioned 8