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RE: News from a particle physicist and university lecturer in COVID times

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The last time I posted on Hive was… 1.5 year ago…

That's quite some time.

In short, my current desires would be to start blogging about science again, sharing fresh and interesting news about research in particle physics and cosmology.

You are the only particle physicist on Hive that updates us about recent happenings in the field. It would be awesome if you can manage to post something, anything at all, every week.

Welcome back.


Thanks for passing by.

In an ideal world, I would post something every week. But writing such posts takes time if done seriously, and I would only do it if I can do it seriously. Anyways, I will try to write something for Monday. That is what week-ends are for, aren't they? :D

For now, I am still hesitating about the topic: some recent research results (mostly the so-called flavour anomalies) or some general audience blurb about particle physics (inspired from my live sessions with adults and high-school kids). Any preference?