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RE: Why is the best class of antidepressants so underused? // Por que a melhor classe de antidepressivos é tão pouco usada?

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Well, Sometimes when we have a disease, we start to study a bit about the biology behind it. And it looks like that you studied a lot about anxiety and depression biology, and also the mechanisms behind the treatments available, which most of them you tried . I guess it is a good lesson in this post . There is one thing that made a kind of discomfort in the text. When you states that there are many studies that show that something is not true, that people are not updated… When you say that you need to show the studies and cite them. I took a look around and found one interesting article that could be cited in here ( the full text is paid , but you can use scihub to access it) . Maybe there are more that you can use as bibliography for the text. Anyways good job.