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Dear @juecoree, Are you concerned about the fact that individuals' privacy and secrets are hacked through the Internet?


In some ways, yes, and it is not really for me, but for people whom oversharing their lives in the internet. It is a fact that what we put in the internet can put some dent into our privacy. I think that we need to be cautious as we enjoy these technology. The topic just came into fruition when I hear people mocking how their photos or private videos leaked. Maybe, we can try not to put into the internet everything about our private lives. Enjoy a slice of !PIZZA

Dear @juecoree, I agree with you! Where I currently live, after posting nude photos of themselves on the Internet, when those who see them criticize, ridicule, and swear, there are people who sue for insults and defamation and extort money.

I was fined US$2700 for insulting a psychopath for showing nude photos of himself to minors.

Sad to hear that you were fined due to someone who willingly post their nudes only and criticize. I am not sure if it does happen in the Philippines, but t think it does especially those involve in viral videos.

Enjoy a slice of !PIZZA.