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RE: Gene Therapy: From fiction to real science

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Wow, Dear @juecoree , Are you a medical doctor? I surprise to your medical knowledges!😲


I'm not a medical doctor. I just read a lot about STEM, Arts and design.

Dear @juecoree, I am glad that I met you, an Asian like me. I speak awkward English, so I hope for your help in the future.

Thank you!

I would lend a hand if I could. Nice meeting you too!

Thank you for your kind answer!
Until now, I have felt barriers of language and culture in conversations with Americans, Australians and Europeans. I am very happy to meet Asians like me. 😄

I feel that too when I started. Just continue to engage. There are a lot of people here that will not mind. Keep engaging and continue growing in the platform.