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RE: What Is the Role of Marine Viruses in our Environment?

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With the use of molecular genetics technology, scientists have been able to identify viruses that have been connected to human illness in the rivers around numerous coastal places. The presence of a range of potentially harmful viruses in sewage that is dumped into the ocean is a possibility. As of right now, it has been demonstrated that saltwater contains poliovirus, hepatitis A virus, and maybe HIV. Researchers say it is still up in the air whether or not these submerged viruses will have an impact on swimming enthusiasts.

Dear @jsalvage, Do you think marine viruses were created because of human-made pollutants?

Even though research on marine viruses is still in its infancy, the relevance of these viruses cannot be overstated. In part, because only 2% of phytoplankton can be cultured at this time, research into marine viruses is more challenging.

Regarding the role of marine viruses, I came to this conclusion: If marine viruses destroy phytoplankton, perhaps 80% of life on Earth would disappear.
Marine virus will make the beginning of the end of the world.😱