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RE: YOUR GENITALS CAN CHANGE THE WORLD: Sex Ed To Make Moans Matter In The Long Term

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Having sex for money goes beyond just empowering girls. Many girls whose parents are financially comfortable are into the sex-for-money trade. Greed is probably the main driver of such action. BTW, only very few people actually sit down to ask themselves some of those questions before having sex you highlighted in your post. Sex is now a free-for-all action for both old and young.


You're absolutely right. The reasons for sex highlighted in the post are not all-encompassing. There are lots more, like greed which you rightly pointed out. It's so sad how sex is trivialised; only few people consider the aftermath when making decisions. But we'll keep spreading the word. Hopefully people consider asking themselves these pertinent questions and make changes where necessary.
Thanks a lot for taking the time to read and comment 🤗