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RE: STEMsocial distilled - a special James Webb edition (without any James Webb post to discuss)

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Beautiful written. Love reading anything from @Mobbs. Tagging me as the most prized member stemsocial is quite flattering, but appreciated.

We are getting really good posts nowadays. Kudos to everyone.


You are our most prized member, so that the tag is well deserved! :)

Thank you, Prof. I genuinely appreciate the compliment and will try my possible to remain steadfast for the growth of stemsocial. Everyone is important as far as I'm concerned.

Yeah, you're very prolific, you've worked so hard. Congrats.

... as far as we are concerned :)

We could write some code to check it, if we haven't, but at least it is morally true.

Love reading anything from @Mobbs

They don't call me 'dream weaver' for nothing =D