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RE: Life in covid19 testing lab and virology research during the times of pandemic - the crazy year.

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This is a lot of information in a single post. Perhaps an infographic would go a long way to simplify things further. I will reserve my questions for now as I can think clearly. But I have got one:

How were you able to hold up mentally during all these?


I think a big chunk of credit for keeping everyone sane also goes to faculty in charges who would order yummy food for all the volunteers twice a week (biryanis, pizza and what not). Well, sometimes tasty food which maybe bad for physical health, somehow tends up keeping people sane under stress. 🙂
But, not going to lie, the year was tuff. And to add to all this my daughter and wife were stuck in different city where they caught covid. I did talk to therapist now and then. Also had really supportive friends to talk to everytime the stress piled up.

Oh well, thanks for pointing out. Will create infographic and update the post later in the evening.