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RE: Psychology Chronicles Series #30 : The Complicated Truth About Social Media and Body Dysmorphia

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Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing such educative content. There is no doubt that social media pressure is a thing. Many have ended their own lives abruptly due to social media posts.

Coincidentally, this is the second post I will be reading on body dysmorphia today and both are very educative. You can check @stormz-y blog to see what I mean. On a lighter note, I really do not see imperfection in people's bodies. If you need someone to gas you up, feel free to dm your picture :)


I have also read @stormz-y post about surviving bdd and it was definitely an interesting read! I think that articles surrounding the effects of social media to our mind and body should be given emphasis nowadays.
True all people are wonderful in whatever shapes and sizes. Thanks @gentleshaid! I've always loved this community,so glad I'm here.