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RE: Africa's most dangerous creature: Nile Crocodile

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Your post is just a bunch of copy/paste with a sprinkle of rewording. Below is just a few paragraphs from your article and their sources. This is highly prohibited in our community


The Nile Crocodile is amongst Africa's most feared predators, and rightly so. It has one of the strongest bites in the animal kingdom and can take down a grown human being easily. According to experts, a Nile Crocodile's bite exerts a force that is 8 times more powerful than that of the fearsome Great White shark and 15 times greater than that of a Rottweiler.


Adult Nile Crocodiles have a dark bronze colouration above, with faded blackish spots and stripes appearing down the back and a dingy off-yellow on the belly, although mud can often obscure the crocodile's actual colour. The flanks, which are yellowish-green in colour, have dark patches arranged in oblique stripes in highly variable patterns.


Nile Crocodiles are opportunistic apex predators, a very aggressive species of crocodile, that are capable of taking almost any animal within their range. In the water, this animal is an agile and rapid hunter relying on both movement and pressure sensors to catch any prey unfortunate enough to present itself inside or near the waterfront. Out of water, however, the Nile Crocodile can only rely on its limbs, as it gallops on solid ground, to chase prey.


I am deeply sorry, please accept my apology. I will do better on my next post. Thank you.