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RE: Stellate Ganglion Block for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Part 2

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Recommended stemsoscial's upvote to be removed from your post because the article is mostly spurned.


I'd like to know what you mean by this, too. Would you be kind enough to elaborate for educational purposes?

I don't understand. Please explain

The article is mostly a rewrite of the sourced link with very little original input.

I tried to update the post the best I could. The "very little original input" comment is however not received with enthusiasm. Most of my post is my own story, so not sure VERY was the right term to use there. I tried to present the science in an interesting way so people could relate. I did not realize I was on the edge of plagiarism by using my references for that content. I try to be ethical in EVERYTHING I do. I will do better. Thank you for the engagement. It's always very eye-opening to interact with others.

@gentleshaid I wanted to apologize for my behavior. I sustained another trauma last Friday. I was not in my right mind when I posted and when I replied. I'm doing ok though. This treatment is working! Thank you again for all you help 😊

It's totally fine and I understand. We are just trying our best to saguard the integrity of the community.

@lemouth can you please help me understand?

I think we're good here, so no explanation is required. I'm sorry to report this, but I think this may be the last time I post to StemSocial. I am obviously not good enough. I'm having a rough day, so this too may pass. I added StemSocial as a beneficiary of this post (25%). I believe retracting my vote will just be a slap in the face after all the hard work I put in to try and correct the issue. However, I understand that your community has a very high standard and I'll try not to be too butt hurt if that is the decision. Thank you again for all your guidance. It has been greatly appreciated.

Sorry, I was busy during the entire day with urgent matters.

I guess you have clarified the issue with @gentleshaid in the meantime. Note that this issue is from what I know a valid one through the entire chain. Sorry to see you leaving our community. We have mentors that could help if needed.

Please understand that it was not intentional. I hope to return soon. I will reach out if I need to, but please know that my brain probably won't let me. Take care

It is clear to me that this was not intentional. Please don't worry :)

Thank you for trying to calm the storm. I always worry. I take everything personally. I guess it goes with the territory. An old friend recently told me to read The Four Agreements. I downloaded it. I may even do a book review. Thank you again. You are always kind 😊

I know the feeling. Again, please don't worry. There is nothing against you, and this is just a general policy that the majority tries to follow/apply on chain.

We are definitely looking forward to your next contribution, hopefully in not too long.