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I never knew the drum is usually filled with selenium. When a drum becomes bad, does it means that the selenium has been exhausted and if otherwise, does the selenium gets to pollute the environment?


Greetings friend @gentleshaid, first of all thank you for stopping by and expressing your concerns.

In this regard, we should be clear that:

"Chemically the process begins when the drum filled with selenium is uniformly charged with positive charge, which when exposed to a lens irradiated with light, is able to generate an image according to the electrical charges, which is transferred to the paper when the element in the drum loses conductivity due to the absence of illumination."

If we start from the above we realize that selenium is not depleted in this process, because it enters into a cycle or a kind of restoration based on illumination, so that the material that is depleted is the charged pigment in the barrel and that is negatively charged in order to interact with selenium through the luminous phase.

So if we analyze these fundamentals according to the pollution of the environment, the plastic waste in the barrel ends up accumulating and generating sources of pollution.