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Just reading about impostor syndrome for the first time. Good effort.

On a side note, Wikipedia is never a reference when it comes to science. Someone wrote the articles on Wiki, perhaps a little dig will reveal the real reference.

Also, you copy some words verbatim. When you do that, it is imperative that the quote function is used and the source linked appropriately. This is the barest minimum as far as stemsocial community is concerned.


Oh okay.. there are however lots of references within Wiki and my knowledge was got from Wiki. Should I have picked references cited other than where I got my information from? Wouldn't that be wrong?

It's discouraging because even if I break all the walls and put time into making science posts, it gets little or no attention or reward. No support or whatsoever.

But it's fine, this year is about learning and improving for me. I hope I get to successfully make a post that will comply with all the rules.

And the quotes, noted. I shouldn't make that mistake again.

Thank you.

Chat me up on discord for guidance

Thank you!
I will re-install the app and do that tomorrow.

Cool, in the meantime, you can still work on the post and effect the necessary corrections @gentleshaid has pointed out for it to be eligible for support from the community.

Okay, I will.
Thank you.

I've effected the necessary corrections. Thank you.

Hi @cyprianj I've been unable to download the discord app because of storage space and have been finding it difficult to log in using my browser.
Can I please chat you up on telegram? If yes, can you direct me to your page?
Thank you.

Same username here...

I already checked with that and I saw a lot of contacts, didn't know which you are.

Any pointer?

I've effected the corrections you stated. Does it pass the barest minimum, yet? @gentleshaid