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RE: Do You Chew Ice? You May Be Anemic, and This May Present a Serious Risk to Your Health

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This is quite as always. I just learnt a couple of new stuff and this is one of the reasons I love reading your blog (might not have time to comment always but I do read every piece). I don't have any experience relating to anemia but have ptsd from a terrible experience relating to blood transfusion. A colleague's wife was transfused with the wrong blood and she was lost in no time. Months later, my wife gave birth in the same hospital as she needed blood. You can imagine my horror. Anyway, I donated blood and everything went well.

Thanks for always educating us in an interesting way.


Hello @gentleshaid,
What a tragic story that is! I understand your concern about your wife and am very, very happy she and child are safely at home. I have a principle when I go to a doctor/hospital/etc: no matter how much the provider may care, it is the patient who suffers the consequences when something goes wrong. So patients should be informed and assert themselves.

I thank you for reading my long blog and for your kind assessment. As you likely know, I am not a scientist. I ask questions that "ordinary" people might ask (because I'm ordinary!) and then try to find the answers in practical, everyday terms. And I'm never satisfied with the first answer, but check it over and over again. I always hope the blog will have a kernel of information that someone will find helpful. It's great to hear you found helpful information here.

Enjoy your new baby, your whole family. They are the beginning and end of what is important in your life.
Be well.