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RE: I am a Doctor of Natural Sciences now ! - This is my PhD Thesis

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Congratulations to you Doc. Getting a PhD is not a small feat, I've been stuck on mine for a while now, although that's largely due to finances. Mine is in biological sciences and I hope to take a significant step towards it come next year. Hoping to raise funds this year, I believe.

My condolence about the demise of your parents and congratulations on your wedding and your boy. They make life more meaningful beyond academics... 😅


Especially in natural sciences a phd can be time consuming, complicating and annoying some days, especially during corina times 😉 .. Here in germany we are so lucky that there are no real study fees as in many other countries of the world. I can imagine how complicated it becomes if you need to watch over financials too .. But it is such an satisfying feeling when you finally have it .. Biological science is also something that requires many lab working times and intense and focused work .. I really wish you the very best for yours and hope you can make some good progress 🙏 .. One day we can read yours here too 📖😁