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RE: A Steroid Treatment for COVID-19, and a Few Words About Steroids

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This is quite informative and well researched. I can imagine the amount of time spent on this for it to have such amount of information.

I never knew dexamethasone could have such a debilitating effect. Why is it then available over the counter? I remember vividly it's one of the easily accessible drugs without prescription when I was working as pharmacy technician a few years back.

BTW what are the requirements for carrying out the C-reactive protein test? Just wondering if we've got those around here.


In the U.S. you can't get oral corticosteroids without a prescription. I don't think you can get an inhaler, either. It is possible to buy a very low strength topical, and these even cause difficulty because they are absorbed through the skin. I can't believe such powerful medications are available over the counter. Amazing.
Thank you for the kind words. Yes, there was a mountain of research. One of the hardest parts was deciding what to leave out. My son thinks I should do a part 2, which could be helpful in identifying the different names under which the drugs are sold and the equivalencies of the drugs. So much I left out here.
Hope you and your family are well.

Here's an article that describes methodology for the C-reactive protein test. Hope the article is helpful.