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RE: Using Laser to Cure eyesight | LASIK surgery

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I have seen this laser somewhere but can't vividly remember. The risks associated with the procedure should be of major concerns to patients. If any of the risks happens, is there a way they can be corrected? With another laser surgery, perhaps?


Before when micro blades were used to cut out flaps, complications were more likely to occur. But now laser is so precise that, complications are rare but they do happen. Even if the complications happen, most of them are minor and easily treatable, talking about major complications like inflammation, this is also treated with steroids. Blindness might be one of major concern to the patient, and yes this does happen to some people, if this happens, cornea transplant may be the last option.

Would be interesting to see the prevalence of blindness from laser surgery.

Prevalence is actually quite low, it's less than 1%. But that's enough to scare someone away.