Citizen science on Hive - Task 2 Report

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The Hive blockchain is witnessing a first-of-its-kind phenomenon with respect to original content creation, no thanks to the citizen science research project initiated by @lemouth. If you are wondering what the entire project is all about and too lazy to read the link above, we (the project participants) are going to be simulating particle collision (like the one ongoing at the CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. Anyone is free to join as the previous experience is entirely not necessary. Just follow the #citizenscience to see all previous documentation about the research project.

After successfully carrying out the first task as published in this post, the second task was released last week and this post is all about the report of my experience concerning the task.

The first thing was to start the code in terminal using the command:

cd MG5_aMC_v2_9_9;

And the following appeared on the screen as stated in the brief


Next was to type the following:

display diagrams

In order to check the Feynman diagrams and confirm that things are really to go. The screenshot of the diagram is as below:


The next stem was to input the code in order to locate a folder that has been downloaded earlier in the first task.

output folder_name

What I got is as below, expectedly:


Next was to launch the code launch file_name (this is after the previous chain has been ended by using the exit instruction). The on-screen result is the screenshot below:


Then the run_card was edited by entering 2 and then changing True = use_syst ! Enable systematics studies in line 129 to False = use_syst ! Enable systematics studies and then saving it using the code :wq.

At this point, I ran into a little noobish problem as I kept going in a circle until I got to know that all I needed to do was press another enter again in order for the card to run. After waiting for about 45 minutes and tailing the process using a new terminal tab, everything went well based on what I saw on the screen below:

process ends.png

My on number 505.8 +- 0.8033 pb is a bit different from @lemouth's 505.491 ± 0.6866 pb. I would have been a bit worried if not that this has been cleared in the brief.

Lastly, the screenshot below is evidence that the required file for the event was correctly downloaded:


Although Lemouth said it should be about 800 MB in size but mine is 923 mb. Wondering if this difference is not significant.

See you all when the next task about the project drops.


I am happy to see that everything went fine for you with the project.

I will now answer the last question. The size of the output file depends on how busy the generated events are (i.e. one event is one simulated collision). As the entire event generation process relies on random numbers and random phenomena, differences can be there on an event-by-event basis. However, those differences should not yield any substantial effect on the computation of any physical property. This is what we will study next week. So please stay tuned :)


Well explained. Looking forward to the next task.

Cool post and good luck with the project!


Thank you


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So it's working fine for you. Even though I still wondering but it's good to see display icons but not just codes as results.

Yea. it works quite fine.

My son said he would 'swipe' my old computer of whatever is on there and download the necessary material. I hope soon to be able to jump in.

It is a wonderful project.

Looking forward to that. Does your son have a hive account?

He has a Hive account but spends his time in Splinterlands. However, whenever I ask him for help he is kind and helps me. So, I'll see if I can have him set up my old computer and download the necessary programs. I'll give it a try, anyway :)

Oh, you have it here also, I was trying to read it via reddit but the moderator has removed the post