The healthy procedure for dog mating.

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My neighbors were arguing earlier this week on the right time for his dog to mate, one of them suggested they should confirm from a veterinary doctor but they had two different veterinary doctors give them different dates. I decided to my research, publish a write-up about it and certainly share with my neighbors as this will help them get answers to their questions. Mating is a serious thing amongst animals, I once heard a story of a female dog who refused to allow any male dog mate with her, her pet mother tried to bring in different male pets during her heat to mate with her but she would disagree and attack the male dog in her own defense, until after many years, a male dog was brought into the house and without stress, this female dog permitted mating. It was after this story, that I knew that, just like humans, animals too can also be really picky about their sexual partners.

Sexual maturity in female dogs usually happens when they are around 9-10 months of age, this depends on the breed of the dog as smaller breeds could go into heat at a more early stage, some of these dogs could even go into heat as early as 4 months. In so many dogs, their first heat is usually on silent, as they do not display ant type of symptoms or clinical signs, the standard procedure for mating a dog is usually at it's second or third heat, as the first heat is most likely to produce any case of successful breeding.

Although, estrus in dogs happen two times in a year depending on the breed or size of the dog. Smaller breeds of dogs tend to get into more circle than bigger ones, the intervals between heat cycles is often within 4-12 months, some adult dogs even take up to 18 months to two years before completing another heat cycle. Although some people say that, these irregular heat cycle is the reason behind irregular heat cycles and false pregnancies, but there has been no confirmed evidence to back up such claims. Heat should begin with the first noticed sign of vulvar discharge, the vulvar would appear swollen and after discharge, the vulvar would return to its original size.

The most significant sign of heat is in the vaginal bleeding which may not become visible until few days after the female has entered oestrus. The moment a vulva is seen licking her vulvar, that is a good way to know that your dog has started heat. From the start of the heat cycle, the female dog would be highly attractive to male dogs but may not allow mating until after 7-10 days, the discharge will be less stained with blood at this point. The female dog could also be found to pass reduced urine quantities from time to time.

The longer the dogs are stuck, the stronger the chance of the semen to get the dog. However, the stand of your dog getting pregnant is never guaranteed.

Why dogs get stuck after mating.

Some pet owners who are new to the business of dog mating may get stuck together after mating, but it is not something to get worried about, as dogs get stuck together, this is usually the final step in their mating process, it doesn't happen to dogs alone as it happens to wolves and foxes too. The process of getting stuck happens as the male dog's penis called the bulbis glandis swells during the process of intercourse and it prevents him from pulling out, until the swelling goes down and he can pull out conveniently.

In order to determine the appropriate time to mate your dog, a vet can help determine with two basic tests;

Vaginal cytology/vaginal smears: This process involves a simple case of microscopic examination of the vaginal cells which will detect changes in cell appearances and numbers, this technique is not new as it has been used for so many years and really reliable. This test procedure does not cause any discomfort to the female as it is a non-invasive process.

Serum progesterone test: This test is to measure the progesterone level in the blood, this procedure is a very sensitive one, it has become popular as a result of its accuracy. Some dogs would need to go through this procedure more than once in order to successfully predict ovulation.

I have said before that, the chances of a dog getting pregnant after mating cannot really be determined. Male dogs are usually more sensitive than female dogs during mating, the successful procedure for a mating process would be recorded when the dog is mating from his own environment. You can get your female dog tested to determine the right tome for test. However, some female dogs ovulates as early as the 3rd or 4th day , but some may wait until the 18th day. When it is time to mate your dog, it is better to schedule the mating 24-48 hours apart.



Wow, this post is educative. I now see the best mating time. My brother wants to buy a female dog, I will show him this content. Believing it will help out.

I am happy that it was helpful @marajah, I am sure your brother will be glad.

For sure he will. Thanks for the update.

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I confess that I was completely unaware of the data you have provided with this post.
Animal sexuality is not something I had read about, nor dogs, at least until now, thank you very much for sharing this information,