The Health Reason Your Pet Smells Bad.

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You can tell how annoying it is to stay close to a human with a terrible body odor, with a human it is convenient to walk away when you do not feel comfortable but with your pet, who always wants to stay close to you, how do you even stay away from them or send them away without making them feel bad.


One major reason why your pet may be smelling really bad could be due to the absence of proper care, you know how messy dogs could get especially when they play around, so they also need proper care and attention, if you fail to give them adequate bath from time to time, they could begin to stink, and as time goes on, the smell could become permanent. Everyone love how fresh their pet smell after they just got a cool bath, but if your pet still smell very awful after they just got a bath, then it may be something even more serious.

Your pet may be smelling bad due to a reaction to an allergy, when you hold up your pet, do you perceive anything yeasty or musty, and is that smell associated with a type of consistent itching that goes beyond normal, then it may be an allergy that is making your pet highly uncomfortable, looking closely at the skin, you may also realize how read and flaky it is.

With allergic reactions in your pet's immune system, their body gets exposed to an allergen and produces an overreactive response even with something that is not so harmless.With an allergic response in your pet, it would result in skin inflammation, and it could trigger oil-secretions that are odor producing. Since allergies remain a strong reason behind the birth of body odor in pets, we need to check through what actually causes the allergies in our pets.

Allergies in pets can be caused by one of these reasons;

  • The allergy in your pet could be an environmental one, if your pet inhales dander, dust or pollen, it could result in a skin condition known as atopy

  • Your pets allergy could also be as a result of flea bites, the allergic reaction from the flea creates itchy welts that would make your pet scratch and bite uncontrollably.

  • Certain diets like, protein of insects, as well as animal and plant contributing to how uncomfortable the animal feels. The funny thing is, your pet may love to consume it, but still react to the protein.

With persistent smell, you may need to check the ear of your pet, if your pet is healthy, then the ears wouldn't smell, but with the presence of a funky bacterial smell there, then there is definitely a problem. A smelly ear can be caused by infection, yeast, allergies, fleas as well as ear mites, with the inflammation of the inner ear, there is a discharge production as well as the production of pungent odors. Apart from the smell that comes with the ear when there is an infection, it has other attributed signs;

  • Sensitivity and pain.
  • Regular shaking of the head.
  • Trying to scratch the ears and the head on the furnitures and on the floor.
  • Inflamed red area and the presence of any sign of discharge.

Ear infection could create very serious discomfort in your pet, so if you notice that your pet is always trying to prevent you from touching his ear or any other sign listed above, it is important that you see a vet immediately. Yeast and staphylococcus bacteria can grow extremely in pets, creating serious odours and other skin issues, when your pet is infected by bacteria, you should look out for; signs of extreme discomfort in your pet, change in skin colour, and hair loss.

It is also possible for your pet to have a mouth odor, a sudden mouth odor signifies the presence of an infection. Bad breath may also signify diabetes and kidney disease.Sometimes, it may just be a case of gas attacks, so not every case of smell from your pet is so serious, he may just be farting, the bad smell is happens after he has eaten something really bad, like a rotten item from the trash can, but it could get serious and get accompanied with diarrhea and vomiting as well.

Anal sacs/anal glands are situated on the sides of the animal's anus, the sac walls are lined up with gland and the sacs are filled with highly foul smelling substances, during the process of pooing, the pet may secrete some of them. You will know that your pet has an infected anal sac when they get to excessively lick their backsides or slid their bottoms on the ground, in order to help them relieve the itchy feeling.

Helpful tips on making your pet smell good.

Yeah, having a smelly pet can be very embarrassing, but not all cases of body odour in a pet are triggered by infection, some are triggered by absence of proper care, there are ways to keep your pet away from smelling so bad.

It is your duty as a pet owner to constantly and regularly bathe your pet, ensure that your pet is well brushed and well combed especially when he is shedding, waterless shampoo is also strongly advised especially for pets who have facial folds or who have long hair. Also, ensure that the environment where your dog is kept is very clean and take away items that may contribute to having a foul smell, keep your pets away from animals that may have an infection.


It is more safe to have a case of prevention than treatment, so take good care of your pet and take them for a routine checkup in order to prevent health complications that will make you spend more on medical bills for your vet.



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This is a good sensitization on pet health. I dont have a pet, but I have been around a smelly dog from a neighbor. It keeps on scratching its body against any rough surface. I guess the poor hygiene contributed to whatever is causing the itching. To me, its better not to own a pet if one is not ready to bear the burden involved.

It irritates me to see pets who look dirty, haggard and unkempt, it irritates me so much and we have that a lot here in Nigeria.

Its not just iritating, its really a form of animal cruelty. Better to leave pets alone of one is too busy to care for them