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RE: The great internal war with the viruses - Episode 1 - The initial response to infection

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What if the thing we name a virus is actually a poison?
What if that poison is electro-magnetic radiation?
How does the body react?
What would be the best defence?


Coming to your second question, radiation can cause poisoning. Electromagnetic radiation such as short wavelength UV, X-rays or gamma radiation cause DNA damage in organism exposed to them. The damage leads to malfunction of cells and then organs. Many people for instance died of radiation poisoning in Chernobyl post meltdown of a nuclear reactor. And yeah cells stressed with such radiation also turn on defence response. But that is a different ball game altogether and is unrelated to viruses. If someone tells you that radiation from 5g tower is toxic they would be making that shit up. Remember that for radiation poisoning you need UV and shorter wavelengths.

Nope. Electro-magnetic radiation is not quite the same thing as nuclear radiation.
You seem to have misunderstood.
The symptoms of overload of EMFs are remarkably similar to flu with one further tell-tale sign - hypoxia. Remind you of anything?

I also mentioned UV and X-rays. Well nuclear does contain other stuff - alpha and beta particles. But it also consists of gamma radiation which indeed is ionising radiation. But I realise your question was regarding the debates the EMF and EHS. My apologies for misunderstanding you. Personally, I have not come across strong and reproducible evidence for that. But who knows. I think it's best to stay away from EMF if one feels they are sensitive to it and seek an opinion of health care professional to be sure and rule out other possibilities.

For this particular case of virus how we know it is not EMF is because we have isolated the virus from patients, grown it in cell culture, imaged it under cryo EM and reproduced the symptoms in the animal models. And it's not just the original virus but also the strains that we can isolate and grow in the petridish. The visual evidence of virus and the fact that it can cause the same disease provides a strong evidence for this case. Do let me know if you think otherwise or if you think I am still not getting your question. I would be happy to hear and answer to best of my abilities.


So, the deceptive claim that the "virus" has been isolated rolls on unchallenged, does it?
Then may I suggest that you claim the reward as linked at the foot of my article here:

Well, I have been working with viruses for over 8 years now. And I and my colleagues have isolated the virus and done the studies including cryo EM imaging. So, I find it hard to believe otherwise, since I have done the work with my hands.

Now, coming to your article. Well a virus does use the process of exocytosis. One of the ways virus gets out of the cell is by pinching the membrane of the most cell and carrying pieces of host membrane out with it. Now it's easy to confuse this with exosomes. But there is streak differences when you compare viruses vs exosomes.

  • Virus membrane contains proteins that are not part of the host genome. For corona virus you can actually see that in cryoEM. The spikes actually protrude out the membrane giving it a crown like look.
  • Virus particle also contains core proteins that are not part of the host genome.
  • Virus particles contain nucleic acid which contains the sequence of virus specific proteins
  • Unlike exosomes, when you put virus on the susceptible cell (that is cell that contains the protein that binds to virus), it make new virus particles containing proteins encoded by the virus genome and it multiples in numbers. Usually in out experiments when we put 1x103 particles on 1x105 cells and collect media of these cells after 72 hours we get around 10^7 virus particles per ml. WE can also see the increase in copy number of the virus specific genes using a qPCR.

Also, I tried opening the link in your post where I can claim the reward. It says 404. I would have loved to try to win that award. While your post says that we do since for money, it's not true. I have been living at income of $500 per for over 9 years now, doing nothing but science. That's how low you get paid to do academic science. Only very very tiny share of academic work actually ends up getting translated into an industrial product and end up making money for any person in academics ever. So if just proving existence of virus can pay off like 1.5 million euros much, I would try my luck 😁.

Anyhow that aside, looking forward for your inputs on what you think about my response and if you would like to talk more about it.

Many thanks for alerting me to the removal of my link from the internet however I found a copy on the wayback machine which you may wish to respond to:

I don't believe in viruses.... this makes more sense to me:

UPDATE: 08/10//2021
Finally a journalist interviews Christine Massey! Now we must make some progress xx

Thanks for the archived link. But since the link is down are they still paying though?

Contact them. I cannot advise.

Well, the word virus is indeed based on Latin word which meant poisonous secretions. That would be akin to what we now call venom. But over the course of time the word virus had taken a completely different meaning.
A virus is a piece of genetic code wrapped in some protein and lipid membrane, with one goal - to produce more copies of that genetic code. And for this it holds our cell hostage. A poison is any substance that when ingested, injected or absorbed causes illness and death. So while yeah you can loosely think of a pathogenic virus, bacteria or fungus as a poison but the usage of word poison is majorly for chemically toxic substance. Living organisms such as snakes, plants, fungus and bacteria do secrete toxic substances nevertheless. For e.g. botulism toxin, also used in BoTox come from a bacteria and is one of the most potent toxin known to mankind.

Neatly avoiding three out of four questions? Interesting.

Maybe I missed. I see I have answered your question on - virus vs poison. Radiation poisoning and response of body to it. I am not sure what you meant by last question of best defence? I will sure try to answer that too if you can elaborate.