Top programming languages in robotics

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Hey there guys , are you doing am sure you're doing great , so I will like to share my knowledge in robotics. The main reason why I got into programming is robotics I am so impressed by boston dynamics robots which is mind blowing just by sight not o talk about their capabilities, some may say that this is just basically CGI (computer graphic interface) or fake , although I have not seen them I real life nor touch them either but I have seen them on YouTube , videos , and the internet which is a sweet experience for me.



When I started programming I started with C++ which I intent to use for programming robots using Arduino microcontroller, now C++ was very hard being a self taught C++ programmer and developer , I moved to learning Arduino , I bought Arduino mega 2560 for building a humanoid motorized robot which I am still designing cause my initial design was wack and not the best but with more knowledge ( studying aerospace engineering at MIT (online)) and more growth at what I do
I come to realize that my initial design for the robot was really stupid because just the engineering principles of structural design , aerodynamics , thermodynamics , fluidity.... on my initial design are so low , so instead of me giving up or relaxing I simply advance and learn more till I am at least good at engineering design i may not use the best software like SOLIDWORKS or CATIA I use for now AutoCAD 123D I do plan on getting either SOLIDWORKS or CATIA .


So i built an obstacle avoiding and Self balancing robot which uses a lidar sensor , ultrasonic and infrared ray sensor for proximity Calibration, I also use MPU6050 sensor for the balancing of the robot the sensor uses a gyroscope and accelerometer for balancing it self .

Here are the top Programming languages used for robotics .

#C++ : the programming language that has been used to build a lot of things like amazing softwares like Adobe softwares, IDE , and some other cool that I am yet to find out . Did you know ? The NASA Mars rover robot (the only being on mar for over 8months non stop ) which is mostly responsible for the pictures and a lot of geographical excavation , sample testing on site on Mars and a lot more is programmed in C and C++ . Now C++ is and should be used for hardware programming like the navigation of a robot or execution of a command that requires mechanical movement or integration this is because C++ is the fastest programming language there is ,C++ execution speed is so unreal.....


#Python : If we are talking of programming language like Jarvis , Stella , or cool AI robot or Even the Terminator (just saying am not saying it is not possible to build one I am just giving it as an example ( besides why would you want to create something that destructive and protecting at the same time . ) ) Python is the best programming language for that besides are you tired of repeating some tasks well you can use python to automate them , complex things like detecting which type of wood would look good to carve for Christmas you can use python for that . python is also used in designing embedded systems and it is an integeral part of robot operation system.


#Java : java contains all the high features needed in robotics industry especially when it comes to artificial intelligence , you can create high efficient algorithms for machine learning Search and neural algorithms, language processing.

So if you are interested in robotics like I am you should try learning these programming languages. They are fun to learn well personally I know c++ and python maybe I'll learn java in the future. I am working towards creating somewhat of JARVIS for my personal assistant and Intel so I'll be updating you stay tuned (Top secret 😁).


Since robotics involves a lot of interfaces and sensors, I imagined that there would be a great deal of programming at the machine level.

It sure is , like the dog robot uses some of tilt sensor to balance it degree of tilting and gyroscope to balance it internal to external position using the 6DOF degree of freedom. C++ rocks✌️

In have never thought about programming i. Robotics! Nice experience

Yea , thanks a lot

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