The last day of my free Computer Classes: Day 3

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It has been an exciting 3 days both for me the program initiator and more importantly the students. If you had missed my report for the first two classes, you can check this post.

The last day - which was the third day - we started with setting up a desktop computer. After that, we continued with the typing drills which was part of our lesson for the previous day. Then, we ended it with an introduction to windows operating system. Interestingly, all the students arrived in time and the class started around 9.50 A.M. So we covered the following:

  • Setting up a Desktop Computer
  • My typing drills with Marvis Beacon
  • Introduction to Windows Operating System

Setting up a Desktop Computer

This part of the class helped students learn how to connect the system unit to the monitor using the chords. They learnt the functions of the various ports at the back of the unit. They saw chords like the power chord and the VGA cable. At the end, each student was able to connect and dismantle a desktop computer. For more than once, each student practiced setting up a desktop computer until they mastered how to do it very well. We then moved to the typing drills.

Typing Drills with Marvis Beacon

This was the main activity we did on day two. So we resumed practicing how to type as instructor Marvis led the students on various drills. Interestingly, the students progressed to the point where Marvis gave them tougher tasks. They went beyond the "asdfjkl;" drills. Some where moved to lessons that included combination of all the keys, including the function keys.

I allowed the students to take up to 2 hours practicing various levels of the typing drills. It is true that typing would not be mastered in 2 days, but they really advanced to some acceptable level. After working for about 3 hours, we went on a lunch break. The students took the time to stand, walk around and rest from all the work we have done in the morning. After the break, we resumed with Windows operating system.

Introduction to Windows Operating System

The final part of our work was introduction to windows operating system. I helped the students to understand the following:

  • What is an Operating System
  • The work of an Operating
  • Brief history of Windows Operating system
  • Versions of Windows Operating System
  • Focus on Windows 10

We practiced how to make use of basic and important features of windows 10 operating system. We practiced the following in Windows 10:

  • How to create a user account and Sign in
  • How to open items in windows
  • How to restart a computer and shutdown
  • Windows 10 control elements and buttons

They were able to practice these and a few other windows 10 features, the very important ones they need to know first. The class ended around 2.50pm.

Conclusion and the way forward

After the class, the students were all very happy to have participated in this 3 day program. It was a huge success, but this is just the beginning of their IT journey and they did not want it to end here. So we agreed to continue the class next week. Of course, they will have to support the class right now with some small fee that will cover the running expenses of the class. We scheduled to be meeting two times in a week so that the class will be sustainable.

The free class resumes next week for a new set of students, while the old students that wish to do so will be coming twice a week in the coming weeks.

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@eniolw. Well noted. Thanks for the correction and support too.

Wow. You are really doing great work in our community. Your ability to offer computer education and training is very important and rarely found in our society. You deserve all commendations and support. Welldone boss

Thank you too. I believe in one way or the other, we can always give back to society. This is my little way of doing it

It's never a "little way" because such have never been seen in our community. You are doing really great.


This is awesome work. This will indeed bear fruit. Please keep us up to date on your progress as it happens. Welcome to hive from Atlanta, Ga. As soon as you develop the skills you need we will be looking to hire virtually from where ever you are. Keep it going.

There is a lot of motivation in this comment. The determination not to stop is strong. Thank you so much. I will continue to work hard and make sure the training go on. We would also appreciate the kind of IT skills you want us to include, going forward

Having the knowledge of computer it a skill for advancement. You guys really did well for having some break as this will help to increase productivity at work. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks so much. I will continue to give back to society in this way

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Thank you for your support @fokusnow, much appreciated!

This is really great. I wish am in Aba, i would have joined the class. I want to get more knowledge about computer. Weldon Sir, hope your students are picking up even the elderly once

I really wished you were here. Yes the students are all doing amazingly well. They love it.

Woaooah congratulations to them in advance. I will soon enroll in the training

Yay! 🤗
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I really appreciate the kindness shown to this project by @ksam. I am motivated to continue doing more. This project will actually continue because of its impact and all the positive response and love from our hive friends.

You are welcome dear brother.

I also love what you're doing with regard to spreading Hive in Aba. That's so wonderful 👌

You've been able to onboard so many on Hive. And I believe its a tough load to guide them, but little by little, you'll succeed.

I'm from Abia State, although I grew up in Lagos.

Keep up with the projectsss.... you are doing absolutely well 🙌

Greetings to you too


Thanks boss @ksam. Hive is going to create history in Nigeria by 2023. We already have amazing projects in store. This is just one of them. Many more to come. Thanks again for the kind gesture

That's great!


Hive is doing a whole lot, and I also believe 2023 will be greater on Hive, on the Cryptoverse and in Nigeria.

@ksam. Sure. We have work to do in marketing Hive, and we are getting set for the task. Thanks again

Yes that is the truth

And little by the little, when the community sees what you are doing.. you'll get support from the Community...

That's how Hive works... keep doing what you're doing....

In Ghana, some of our brothers there have done about 5 different borehole constructions...

All sponsored by Hive... its not easy to gain the trust... but when the community trusts you... it supports you fully.

@luvshares. Thank you so much boss @ksam. This is really cool

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Wow, congratulations. You helped the young ones to have their learnings in. computer which is very necessary nowadays in the 21 century.