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RE: Waking Up, and A Sleep Paralysis Experience

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So you don't start thinking of village people when you tell people about your experience, in normal REM sleep, there is temporary paralysis of the muscles (atonia).

Waooh. Thank you for this article. Our Nigerian and religious background sometimes is a problem. With every event attached to some powers (like village people) fighting to put you down.

Its obvious from this article that this is a natural phenomenon and interestingly, we do wake up after that and continue as normal. Sharing this article with some seriously religious friends. Hoping they wont put it aside as brainwashing


haha.. It is very funny how we relate almost everything in our world to one believe or the other. In Yoruba land, before anti-malaria breakthrough, we attributed the death of young children to witchcraft, especially when there are events like bird making noises at night, or dog backing. Also before we understood what blood genotypes was, we always believed that the children were possessed with a spirit, and just wanted to make their parents cry.