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RE: Do People with Autoimmune Disease Have Special Issues When Getting a Vaccine?

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I for one will not get the vaccine for numerous reasons but the main one being my autoimmune disorders caused by vaccinations as a child. Last year I had Flu-a in February and then Covid in July. The flu was WAY worse than covid but I accept the pain of the temporary sickness over the life long problems potentially caused by the vaccine, especially an untested one. Well, actually the public are the test subjects now.

Combined with the complete lack of liability on the manufacturers the vaccine religion is very domineering and unwilling to even think that there might be problems with their savior, it is a very dangerous mentality. People doing their own research like you have is the only way to get both sides of the story, and even that is hard to do when everywhere is screaming that we "HAVE" to take the vaccine and limiting the availability of the information.

Hopefully everything turns out okay for you.


Hello @flemingfarm,
I appreciate your comment. You can tell that I'm a skeptic. The distinction between public health policy and individual well being does not escape me. Public health officials think in terms of herd. I think in terms of me :))

We lost a friend to COVID at the beginning of the epidemic and then a few more acquaintances. I take this disease seriously and weigh what I know about risk/benefit (not much). Then I make the best decision I can. At least, if something goes wrong, it was my choice.

I'm back from getting the shot and so far, immediate consequences are almost nil. We'll see.

On another note: I'm sorry you have to deal with chronic disease. It's a rough deal. Blogging is a great, accessible outlet, I find.

I wish you peace.

The most important thing is making an INFORMED decision and you have tried to do your research which is more than many have done. I truly don't begrudge anyone for doing what they feel is right for their own medical situation, that is each person's right and we need to help ensure that it stays that way.

I'm sorry for your loss, it is never easy. My family have had friends die from the flu over the years but we have not had anyone from covid.

I hope that you and everyone else has no ill effect from the shot, our health is one of the most precious things we have.