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Often times things looks so vague to us especially when it's not yet on our neck. #stemsocial as a whole is very important in the sphere of the public enlightenment here on Hive blockchain. Hence, allow me to introduce you to the topic I titled "Cancer Research". Under here, you are going to see some of my basic descriptions and some certain things that involves cancer itself. Thanks for the courage, privilege and ability to be here once again and coming up with my great intentions that may help some individuals that are here, to know more about the topic. Enjoy as you read.

Cancer is wide or global disease such that it's known And has spread to so many part of the world. Cancer is a disease which abnormally destroys the cells and causes an uncontrollably escalation. It is capable of destroying body tissues. Most times the question of cancer research arose and people finds it difficult to tell what it's all about. Thus, I tried to give a clear view of what it is here. An institution called Cancer Research Institution (CRI) is an organization regarded as non-profit making group or association of workers that are dedicated to providing some necessary boost for immune system and to treat, control and cure all cancers that bring unfavorable condition to individuals. They have in the following and past years shown their best in the lane of cancer research and how well it can be cured, abstained from and managed. The cancer research also postulates the term clinical trials . It refers to the final stage of long procedure that begins with a research on a lab before any treatment is involved. Here, the researchers works for many years to know understand the effects of cancer on the cells in the lab and in animal. Equally, a lot is discovered from the effects on the cells kept under control in the laboratory.


The Type Of Research Cancer Research Is
It's said that Cancer Research is research into cancer to identify the development and destruction of cancer in the body for proper prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure. In summary it's a research into cancer. The following are the types of cancer research.

A lot of things contributes at least a good percentage of causes of cancer. They are as follows;
(a). Excessive drinking of alcohol
(b). Lack of exercise and poor dietary.
(c). Human immunodeficiency virus(HIV).
(d). Hepatitis C and B.
(d). Environmental pollution and tobacco usage.

It's classified according to there research areas.. and they are;

-Research on causes of cancer.
-Cancer biology research.
-Cancer genomics research
-Public health research and cancer.
-Cancer treatment and research.
-Cancer health disparities research.
-Cancer prevention research.
-Cancer detection and diagnosis research.

Note: The cancer research Institutions bases there research on the below classifications of Cancer. And there are four(4) major classification of cancer. They are;

1. Lymphomas.

2. Leukemia
This is called or regarded as the cancer of the blood.

3. Carcinoma
This begins with the skin with the tissue that covers the surface of the internal organs and gland.
download (5).jpeg

4. Sarcomas
A sarcomas enters in the tissue that supports and connect the body or blood vessels and then damages it.

Note that there are mostly places where cancer can be found in a man's body and these place a named for the cancer that affects it.


The prostate cancer is the most commonly cancer in males (26%) followed by lung (12%) and collateral (8%) it is lung cancer, however that claims the most lives causing 22% of all cancer deaths in men. Survival rate overall are improving even some complex to treat cancers.

The drugs are as follows;



(a).Swelling or lumps anywhere in the body.

(b). Affected person developes eating problem such as not feeling
hungry, vomiting, trouble swallowing, belly pain and nausea.

(c). Always feeling tiredness that does not get better with rest.

(d). The affected has weight loss for unkown reason.

Cancer cure treatment
There is more or less no cure for any kind of cancer but,there are some good treatments that may cure you😌🤔🤣. Many people are treated for cancer and they live the rest of their lives and die of other causes and diseases. Many other are treated for cancer and still die from it although treatment may give them more time like living extra Years or decades.


With the little information given here that we learn at least the medicines used for the treatment of cancer as well uses the signs given above to know when are on the wrong lane. Thank you.

For Important and additional information on the topic as well as making references to the work,you can visit the following for more clarification.






Eat your veggies, avoid processed foods, don't be out in the sun all day. Then wait for scientists to discover the cure!

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