Cigarette-Nicotine A Psychoactive Ingredient In Drugs(Tobacco products) And A Pave Way To Unhealthy Living

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Compliment of the season to all of us here. Good day❤️

It's been a while since I made an article here but, few days back while I was going down the lane towards my school road, I saw a picture of a cigarette box. I think it was empty although, I didn't try to touch the packet as I was on the road. Meanwhile, I didn't hesitate to take a photograph of the packet because of the message it passed to the consumers of such product here in Nigeria. I don't know of other countries, whether such is being allowed to be consumed by their citizens. This triggered my passion for writing once again. So I came up with some important message to pass across today. Let's go down the lane of the lessons I have for us today.


An Insight On Nicotine

Generally, we perceive nicotine as substances or a substance that tends to Increase physiological actions in the body. It is also seen as a drug stimulant the enables fast passage or transportation of messages in brain of the body(mainly human). Nicotine is user to make and produce cigarettes such we referred to as ; darts,durries,smokes,ciggies etcetera. Nicotine I'm cigarettes are using smoked and inhaled through the nasal cavity (nose).

Methods Of Smoking Or Inhaling Nicotine Through Cigarettes

Nicotine is not normal to the body no matter how fine and sweet the smell seems to be. It s always advisable to know what to do and as well as move away whenever you sees someone smoking... The following are methods of smoking it.

(a). Direct Intake through the nose(Active smoking).

It's as simple as the name implies. It involves smoking through the nose. Haven't done it but I think one takes in the puff in the ciga inside his nose and it passes down to the heart and then he blows it out as smoke🙄. There are others mean or type of tobacco, we have both dry tobacco, chewing tobacco etc

(b). Indirect Intake (passive smoking).

Smokers says that this is the worst form of smoking because it's more dangerous to the inhaler than the taker. What do I mean? It mean that he the receiver inhales(a toxic gas and carbon monoxide) without blowing it out while the take blows smokes out. Hence, we say that passive smoking is the breathing of smokes from people's smoke (ing). This is why it's nit advisable to smoke near babies or paralysed.


Effects Of Nicotine

The effectiveness of these drug stimulant has a longer and short effects on the victim of circumstance. It's important to note that it affects people differently.

The Normal Effects Of Nicotine (short term effects)

As it affects people differently, tobacco goes in some way via, it's availability in a product (whether high or low), it also affects people based on their first time consumption and lastly how often they take it. So therefore, the normal effects are;

  1. Weakness and vomiting
  2. Cramps
  3. Nausea
  4. Headache
  5. Dizziness
  6. Bad breath and fast breathing too.
  7. Loss of appetites for things you normally takes.

Note: this affects those that does not usually take it.

Long term Effects
This is just an intake of nicotine based product like tobacco regularly... It's has a lot of negative effects like

  1. Premature death.
  2. Cancer
  3. Uncountable respiratory diseases (short of breath).
  4. Reduced immune functions.
  5. Blindness
  6. Reduced fertility
  7. Ectopic pregnancy (normally occurs in the female fallopian tube)
  8. Pneumonia
  9. Diabetes etc.....
    It has various negations that befalls it.


It's very Important that we run away from all these shits and cankerworms of smoking. It's quite alarming that even with the label on the packet I snapped on the road,there's still rapid increase in the demand of this product in the market. Shall we call it ignorance or what? Things are not going well with Africa and the world. These is a problem that must be sorted and solved. Read the inscription on the cigarette box Below 👇👇👇


Please stay away from highly nicotinic products if you can't stay away from nicotine products. For me, don't smoke at all.


Have a nice day buddies ❤️

> note also that some images not sourced are snapped using my umidigiA9 android phone




  • Also got some knowledge From mere physical experience where I have seen people smoke.



Dear @ezeemmanuel , People around the world smoke a lot to relieve stress.
Thank you for your advice!

Ps: I wonder where you live! 😉


I know people smoke a lot and I am in that part of the world where people smoke a lot so, it's not a new thing. I just wrote this article to remind us about it's effects again.

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Thanks for reminding me once again..

You're welcome @ezeemmanuel 😊👍 Nice achievement!
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I can guarantee you that those pictures are put on cigarette packs in many many countries in the world, even possibly in all of them.

To somewhat answer the questions at the end of the blog and initiate the discussion, it is good to recall that a lot of products are bringing us into troubles in the context of health. Alcohol and tobacco are two them. Despite of this, we (as humans) still use them very actively. They bring happiness, joy, they help in fighting stress and complicated situations, etc. I can imagine that for many humans, those small moments are much more important than the long-term threats on health.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhah.... They are important to those that takes it. What of us that does not take it,have I not been happy up to this stage of life? What of others that does not take it,do they die because they don't take it?

Man, deriving happiness from a thing is so deadly despite whatever it gives you. The real happiness isn't derived from a thing rather it's gotten from the inside of you. Happiness is a choice. Meanwhile,the relief you get from alcohol and tobacco just last for a short time.

My opinion though @lemouth

I fully agree with your opinion. Having such an opinion however requires some thinking. Whereas many could do it, many refuse to do it. This being said, I will go and enjoy my glass of wine ;)

Have a nice week-end!

Cheers boss