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RE: Live Objects in iOS 16 will change how graphic designers work forever

in StemSocial11 months ago

Welcome to STEMSocial, btw. Thanks for sharing this cool review. I'm not a fan of Apple, but I've heard that their products are so addictive and these are amazing features indeed :)

BTW, as a suggestion next time consider talking more about the science or programming of the technologies that are involved and that make these features possible. This is because we support contents related to science, technology, engineering, math and such.


Thanks for the welcome. I know many prefer to steer clear of Apple, but I have been a fan/user since around 2006.

Science and programming are not really my expertise, so maybe STEMSocial isn't the best place for me to post these types of videos. I figured that since this was tech-related that would be enough, but I get what you mean.