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RE: The Wisdom Tooth Isn’t So Wise After all

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I am aware of this condition as my partner had this problem arisen 3 times within 2 years of time. First dentist cured it with medication and some painkillers, 2nd one tried the same and also done dental scaling, it helped pain go away after treatment and things remained normal for her. 6 months ago she had that pain more severe than first two conditions. For some reasons the gums around wisdom tooth got abscess and swollen parts. The puss was squeezed out of the gums and regular cleaning of that part was done, some OTC helped pain management as well, she is now feeling better than ever has can eat smoothly without any pain.

Thanks for adding an informative article.



Oh wow…. That’s majorly the first line of treatment, alleviate pain. However, if it occurs again, they could try Operculectomy if it’s never been done before.

You’re welcome and Thank you for your comment too @emaxisonline.