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RE: Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics powered by Hive

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Wow, thse are super animations! And yes, I do like the music as well.
Soon, very soon I'll be receiving my new power machine in laptop format. Playing with the idea to start exploring the creations of videos. Triggered fully on these animations you made and like to understand what raw material you used and what tools you used to get this done. I mean, the 'handwriting of the math and all, how did you do this? A large sequence of photo's and then 'glued' them together in a GIF creator?


None of those things, it's just templates with service subscription and reseller license. If I'd have to do that myself I'd go with Blender and most likely spend so much time on that trying to make it perfect that I wouldn't never finish it ;-)

GIF is just postprocessing of the source video material, it's tricky because you have to keep minimal viable quality and yet fit in a reasonable file size.

ok ok that's a logical approach indeed :) thanks for the explain 🙇