Solving One Problem at a Time When Depressed: You Are Not the Problem with the World

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A lot of concepts intertwine in psychology and mental health, and it's very interesting. Overall, I am really happy that I am in this field for myself and for others because some thoughts may be difficult to conceptualize if you have not really gone through them.

The topic is: "You are not the problem with the world," is very difficult when you consider the fact that you are having problems at work, at home, at school, and in your relationships... but let's face it, all of us are, to different extents, aren't we?

The person whose wife just gave birth has to deal with the fact that he has never been a father before, as happy as he is—call it a "happy problem." At the same time, he has been slacking at work for whatever reason, and his wife isn't really happy with him, but she put that aside because they just had a daughter.

There are so many problems in his world, how isn't he at least a part of it? Well, whoever said he isn't? But to say he is the cause of all the problems he finds himself encountering... Haba (Nigerians would say).

Life is too multifaceted for you to think that every problem you see around you has everything to do with you. It's yours to solve, regardless, but it was not all yours to create.

But let's say he is. He has been coming to work late, he refused to buy baby clothes, and he didn't plan his money right... even if he was going to solve all these problems, he would still have to solve each one, starting from the one that matters the most.

What Matters The Most

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In my post on grounding, I wrote about how life might present us with really difficult, stressful, distracting tasks to solve. When situations like that present themselves, they are like a hook that takes you away from the real situation at hand—the one right in front of you.

It is always helpful to ask yourself, what matters the most in this situation? Let's say an argument... what matters the most? That I'm right or that we can resolve those issues and find peace?

Being depressed is like having a cloud over your better judgment, and interpreting the situation with certainty can be difficult.

Take it one problem at a time and understand that it is possible to make progress towards a balanced existence.

Don't take on too many tasks at the same time. Dealing with challenges as they come makes them more manageable and helps prevent us from getting overwhelmed, allowing us to focus on the things that bring us closer to our goals.

If you can prioritize tasks that align with your goals, you'll also be minimizing distractions. Utilizing your energy to move toward your desired end helps avoid getting caught up in depressive distractions and instead address the pressing issues that need solving.

Mindful Meditation

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This exercise is relevant if you struggle with depression and is based on grounding principles. Developing this ability can help you cultivate non-judgmental awareness of your thoughts as they arise, reducing stress and increasing self-awareness.

While the research on the effectiveness of these techniques is not well-defined, there are many studies that support its benefits.

Articles supporting mindful meditation highlight its effectiveness in managing depression, anxiety, enhancing cognitive abilities, alleviating mental and physical pain, as well as promoting emotional well-being and self-awareness.

To practice mindful meditation, find a quiet and comfortable place. Contrary to assumptions, you don't need to assume a crossed-leg posture on the floor with the "okay" sign. Any natural posture will suffice.

During mindful meditation, focus on your breathing without attempting to control it. As thoughts arise, acknowledge their presence without acting on them.

While meditating, you may recall tasks like making a phone call or sending a text message, or, in my case, remembering something to search on Google. Simply acknowledge these thoughts without pursuing them further.

I personally like to meditate before bed as it helps me fall asleep, especially when I have difficulty doing so. However, everyone is different, and meditating before bed may keep you awake.

Do you struggle with depression and anxiety on an ongoing basis?

You can send me a message on WhatsApp at +2348134530293, and we can have a conversation, or you can speak with a licensed therapist.



In conclusion, this post emphasizes the importance of prioritizing what matters most and the role of mindful meditation in managing depression and anxiety. It highlights the idea that while we may face various problems in life, it doesn't necessarily mean we are solely responsible for all of them. By focusing on one problem at a time and approaching them with a balanced perspective, we can make progress towards finding resolutions and achieving our goals. Mindful meditation is presented as a helpful tool for reducing stress, increasing self-awareness, and promoting emotional well-being. The post encourages individuals to find a quiet place, adopt a comfortable posture, and focus on their breathing while acknowledging and letting go of distracting thoughts during meditation. Ultimately, the aim is to cultivate a balanced existence and address challenges in a mindful and intentional manner.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the problems and challenges in your life? How do you typically approach them? What do you think about the idea of focusing on what matters most in difficult situations? How do you determine what truly matters in those moments?

Have you tried mindful meditation before? If so, what benefits have you experienced from it? If not, are you interested in giving it a try? Do you agree that we are not always the cause of all the problems we encounter? How do you differentiate between the problems you have created and the ones that are beyond your control?

How do you manage distractions and stay focused on your goals when dealing with depression or anxiety?



I love this approach of solving one problem at a time. When we are overloaded with problems, it's always a great idea to group them in terms of importannce and solve them one at a time. Not everything is your fault and it's not your job to solve everything.

Mindfulness can be really helpful, I've done it a couple of times. I like the experience of detaching ourself from our thoughts and just observing without reacting. Great post!

One thing I have come to discover is why many people always het depressed is they out the problem too much on their head. They should see that life comrs and go and for every problem that comes, there is the solution

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