How the 2021 Olympics Could Bring Mass Adoption Of VR Technology!

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In this video I talk about how the Olympics could bring mass adoption to VR technology if done right. After making this video I found this article on how the Olympics will be going 5G using holographic 3d images of the athletes in real time 4k and 8k HD sent to your VR head set, but it is said this will be limited to the Tokyo area and probably to a selected few to showcase how the future of sports events could be.

I really believe that VR is the way to go for the 2020/2021 Tokyo Olympics and also the way to make VR finally mass adopted. Who wouldn't want to watch the games in High Def 3d holograms through VR headsets?

And another question is when will there ever be such an opportunity to make VR mass adopted?

PS: Video Recorded Jan 28th.

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Hahahaa well I can't wait till the day when technology is so advanced that we have holographic computers, keyboards, etc. 😅

But back to the Olympics, watching it via VR would be an awesome feat.

I'm sure I saw Apple experimenting with holographic keyboards 🤔

It would be , avatars would be pushing it but if Nintendo was onboard would be easy peezy.

Oh yeah.... I can see Nintendo making it happen.

I should check out news on Apple then 😅