Forgotten animals in the yard

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One beautiful sunny day where we were waiting for the rain to fall because the clouds were just about to cover the sun, so I came for coffee at my friend #borjan

which would link these forgotten whips to his post

In the yard I saw how cats behave strangely around a deep plastic and I went to look and I had something to see .... I saw this

I looked at the colors up close and saw a blind man ( Lat . Angius fragilis )
but just in case before I looked at my head to be sure caution was never enough


super is not poisonous nor is it a snake but a lizard slowworm that has lost its legs by evolution and belongs to the lizards

and this is what his ass actually looks like near the tail
but when not lit under a bottle but with natural colors this is what the head looks like
and thus near the tail that the predator attacks the tail rather than the head albeit and confused me at first sight
next to him was a lizard a beautiful young lizard ( Lat. Algyroides nigropunctatus)
I like to take photos of them because they are otherwise very fast and scaly and I can throw off their tails
it is difficult to reject the word before self-initiated auto tail amputation
where he leaves his tail to the enemy, that is, to the predator, and a new one grows on him, and he can go to various places of various lengths.
thus discard this broken piece discarded piece and grow a new and beautiful long tail has again if something does not eat it before or burn the car on a nice warm asphalt

thus they were rescued and re-released into the garden by #borjan
the photos and text are mine with the fact that i took the photos in the backyard of. Of #borjan and thanked me very much for it because he couldn't he was prevented and I greet everyone at Hive and sweetly follow up on his post of lovely cute little home zoo. Pleasant rest of enjoyment to all


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Oh! Good that they were rescued!