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RE: Diabetic Retinopathy

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My husband had an eye operation for 2 times left and right eye beacuse of teridium.Now we are also waiting for the next schedule of his eye operation in catraract.We waited almost 6 months since its a public hospital.His sugar level last exam is 189 ,prior yo that his sugar level is 300.Is this a contibutory factor to his eye problem ? Sugar level?


Hello @dehai, I hope you are doing well? To answer your question, yes the sugar level is always a contributing factor when it comes to the eye, so long as the sugar level continues to be high the sugary will have to be put on hold to avoid surgical complications and wound healing complications.

Again, he may notice that anytime the sugar spikes the vision deteriorates, I am certain the surgery has been held back due to the sugar because then your husband could also easily develop posterior subcapsular opacities after the surgery.

For now my advice would be to have a co-management plan with your general physician and Ophthalmologist to keep it down. Also, if the cataract hasn’t matured, the surgery may be put on hold for a while. I hope this helps. Stay safe and have a fruitful week

[email protected] thank you so much As of this time we are wauting for his schedule of operation.I am also monitoring his sugar level.

That's good to hear, do let me know if there anything i can do to help or clarify for you and you can keep me updated on how things go too

While waiting for his operation to be scheduled in a public hospital, is there a drop that can use to apply? or remedy

Sugar levels are systemic and thus ought to be seen by a general physician, is it not a situation that drops can remedy. What i can advise is to take in lots of fruits and vegetables during this period, you may give him vitamin C supplements, it is the most powerful antioxidant with regards to the eye.