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I'm The Luckiest Guy I Know, her name's Pura. A chef, stunning, nice to me, all kinda cool stuff.

Good morning. It's morning here. I'm on the treadmill, where in the hell are you? Mhm.

Speaking of repair speed. I had a follow up apt this week, he's happy, so much so, we're gonna space my apts farther out now. Every once in awhile I catch an analogy that sticks like the speed of hair growth. <- Good one. Just recently he said it's not gonna happen overnight but commended my health and some other things and said he thinks I'll be back at it by spring. Said the process is, "like watching a glacier form."

Dayum! Good one. Can't tell by eye it's taking shape but bet your ass it is.

Apparently I didn't go back far enough. Or maybe I'm so tuned into my own recovery I haven't noticed anyone else's, how rude of me, what are you recovering from?

I like the way you specified physical in recovery. = }


Morning! Or afternoon here!

I've been creating in my head - ready for the next explosion almost - planning planning! And cleaning house and doing laundry. And doing Yoga and hoop dancing on the beach in between. And life. And recovery - physical! :D

Well sounds like you got a good thing going with Pura! Hooray! :D Love and support heal almost everything. If not everything in full!

Like a glacier forming... :/ Oh boy. Well... I also learned alonbg the way that waiting is a skill! And a very poerfu lone at that. Not taught much and almost entirely lost these days. Consider yourself gifted by whatever is or isn't running the show and I'd love to know what you were "asking" before this all happened?

Me? COPD - smoking related. And some weird years of high stress, bad nutrition and a bottom out physically because of it.

Busy fixing as much as possible now.

I'm kinda enjoying the rebuild tbh, but it's kind of like coming home for a someone who was always fit and then forgot in someone elses's insanity. It's really fun to train! Gods I used to love this 💥 I can't say it's easy though. I'm starting from below zero almost. I lost a lot of health along the way. Not so good. But when you're treading water y'know :/

So you're not alone, my new found friend.

Slow and steady wins the (never was a) race ☀️

I'd love to know what you were "asking" before this all happened?

I'd love to know how you knew I was very specific with what I asked for. Seriously, it's crazy. Crazy enough I'm scared to mention it at this point.

Really need to be careful what I wish for. Same shit happened early 2020.

because I did that! :D

Fuck yeah

Careful what you ask / ask for

You always get it!

Anyway. Sometimes it's worth it. I guess time reveals everything...