Jasper is an AI that will write your blogs for you, but is that acceptable on Hive?

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Artificial Intelligence is here to stay 🤖

Hive is full of bloggers, but did you know we also may have AI on our platform receiving post rewards? I'm here to ask you if that is a good or bad thing.

In today's video, we will be going over https://www.jasper.ai/. This is an artificial intelligence that will automatically generate plagiarism-free blogs for you.

Is it too good to be true? Or does it actually work? Let's find out.


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Hey Daltono, thank you for sharing this tool!

I would not use it for my blogs on Hive, because I think it would not be ethical. Now I'm worried if someone would use it. There should be a way to know if they are using it.

But I think this tool could be great to create websites or articles outside of Hive that help promote the blockchain. I'm going to share it with a few friends to get their opinion.


I think it would not be ethical

I guess there goes the social media and networking aspect of Hive. Will this thing have a personality? Will it go to Hivefest? Will it read and comment on other posts?

Why are many of us here, on Hive? Not for the money. For people like me, that's something that may or may not come down the road. For me, and people like me, Hive is a dynamic platform where I 'meet' people from all over the world. I get to chat with a particle research scientist in physics. I get to 'meet' artists. I get to encourage budding writers. How does Jasper fit into that?

A lot of the fun on Hive is creating the blogs and then waiting for a response. How does Jasper fit into that?

I think it's a shallow, terrible idea, a little like those mills that write research papers for high school and college students. Not only unethical, in my book, but also very unwelcome.

Hey! Thanks for sharing your point of view. I agree.

If someone used this tool, they would have to say that they use it, and that way, curators can choose.

And I also think that if someone is here just for the money and uses these kinds of tools after some time, the community will notice. Curation projects or big accounts punish the lack of engagement with downvotes.


I appreciate you curating Eddie! This certainly is an interesting topic.

It would pain me to watch AI become top earners on Hive. I do think that we will be forced to embrace this type of writing though. There really is no way to stop this kind of thing or even realize that something was AI-written, at least not that I know of. Sure, some blogs may end up being badly written, but others will be transcribed properly and edited well to where they can easily pass as fully human action.

I see this thing mainly being targeted at businesses that wish to perfect their SEO and more easily have their product information written, especially in a clever way. However, there will be individuals that wish to use this for other reasons, especially when post to earn becomes as hugely popular as something like play to earn has become recently.

This just goes to show that it is never smart to get too comfortable, especially when we will be competing with AI for the rest of our lives. Thanks for your valuable input buddy.

I am certain AI-generated blogs are not acceptable on Hive. But I will wait to read the opinions of others.

I agree, but if it's that good, how would you know?

That's what I'm thinking. There really is no way to figure out what was written by AI, not that I can imagine at least… Unless somebody becomes Jasper's sugar daddy/momma and is able to get the bot to reveal all of its secrets with a bribe of sexy robot lingerie. Unlikely 🤪

:P That's pretty nuts!

I don't think it would be cool at all here on hive, but maybe on a dedicated blog/website?

I know that I am not on hive to read AI written stuff and would never use that, but that doesn't mean it isn't cool or can be useful elsewhere..

There is so much that people think is far off in the future that is already occurring. Some things many have yet to even begin to imagine, yet someone else is well on their way to building it.

I would say it might be wise to have a front-end that is all AI-written blogs, but I can't think of a way to make sure people don't just lie and say they wrote something themselves. Pretty sure AI is going to gradually slide into a position of acceptance.

What if this AI started explaining things better than humans are able to? I find that difficult to achieve, but anything is possible. As with anything, I think it's best to show and prove. I would enjoy seeing somebody begin to further an experiment with Jasper and show us what it is capable of. Then maybe we can determine if it deserves to be recognized as a serious writer. As of now, I'm like you and would prefer to know another human being was the one who wrote what I choose to read.

We are getting further and further into a future that would be impossible to recognize for people who lived long ago.

yup. I think I'm just jealous of how fast and still good Jasper writes. so I give him a negative review. :P

Yea.. a all AI channel/community would be cool. There are many things that I wouldn't care who wrote it.. like a wiki page or like that..

Some things no human should ever have to waste their time writing about... I feel like some subjects can only be broken down in an easy-to-understand way by a person. Maybe Jasper will prove me wrong though.

I have looked at different things like this but that is by far the most advanced I have seen so far. It’s a questionable thing for most here on Hive, but then again to your point, they did pay for it. Same thing I feel about PLR material.

It's undeniably going to be something that we all have to deal with at some point. I don't really see a way to keep AI off of Hive, I mean isn't it a blockchain for the world? Is it too early to talk about if AI deserves to be recognized?

Damn, we really are so early still. Luckily this is far from a major topic at this point. I have a feeling someday there will be people who admire the work of a famed AI and there will be others who wish to destroy it. As with pretty much everything in this world, people will go to war with each other about it.

It’s going to cause some vote wars for sure down the line. But then again, aren’t we supposed to be using tech to make our lives easier? See if I had robot employees making content to fund the things, I could be using those funds to build the farm I want to build to feed people on good organic foods and mine bitcoin with solar and wind, lol. That’s all I want, lol. Not asking much, lol.

Sounds like we may have to have Jasper clones once everyone gets used to the original Jasper being around.

Someone was just talking about this a few weeks ago. I don’t know how I feel about AI bloggers! If it’s known to be a bot and doesn’t have someone trying to take the reward money off for no effort sure. If people are using the bot though to do all the writing for them, I can see how a lot of people are going to have an issue with that, myself included. I’m not trying to be a stick in the mud but effort is required for rewards. If you don’t put in any effort and rely on a bot to do it all, I think that’s foolish.

One thing that is still a factor is that the AI would still need to be managed. It won't know to create content unless you tell it to and then correct any minor mistakes it makes. I'm not saying I will be using Jasper, because I won't... I refuse to basically pay an AI employee that needs to be micromanaged. I do think that further development of this type of technology (such as a Super Saiyan Jasper) could work as a useful assistant in making sure that I offer the best content possible. That seems like it is still many years down the road.

My vote: no. No way. The whole idea of original is that there is a creative element to a blog, that it is the product of an individual effort. I certainly think it would spell the end of this platform because people like me would go away very quickly and find a platform where we can meet and engage with 'real' people.

I think many people said no way when they first heard about Bitcoin, but look where we are now. I agree that AI bloggers seem crazy and pretty much unacceptable on Hive right now. Things may be totally different 5, 10, or more years into the future. We may look back at this very comment thread and think, WOW we sure were wrong.

I wouldn't be surprised to find out that people here are already using such tools here. Maybe we need 'proof of ai' tools to detect it as it goes against the ethos of Hive.
Still, I would be interested to see what it could make of my particular content.

I’m sure at least one person is ahead of the curve and already figured out a way to take advantage of this and profit.

proof of ai

Now I’d like to see somebody intelligent enough to figure out a way to decipher what was written by a human and what wasn’t. Especially when a lot of this Jasper writing still has to be edited by a human being, but even that can be made a lot easier with a proofreading tool like Grammarly.

Pretty sure we are going to have to accept these times of things or just give up on technology as a whole. We know the latter is not going to happen.

Hmm I thought about this. Will watch the video later!

@tipu curate

I literally never even considered this possibility until I got an ad for Jasper the other day. My webcam must have seen me looking extra tired while writing some blogs recently and they figured I may want some assistance.

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I already downvote stuff I don't like, so it probably won't matter that much.


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